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Jesus & Mary's
School of the Cross




      The School of the Cross Seminary's Main Purpose is to Prepare and Train Seminarians for Service in Christ's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as Deacons and Priests.  Its Secondary Purpose is to train Monastics and Nuns in the pursuit of Religious Life.


      In our Spiritual Life, in Imitation of Jesus Christ, we are constantly fighting against Pride, avoiding the Honors of this World, and embracing Poverty and Humility with all the Strength that we have.  Therefore, we only Award Degrees to satisfy the Worldly of this World, Governments and Worldly Institutions which demand to see some proof of a Minister's Basic Qualification for Public Ministry.  For these reasons, unless extenuating circumstances perpetuate, we will not award Degrees to Monastics or Nuns in pursuit of the Religious Life.


Embracing Poverty and Humility

      Our Seminarians will learn to Embrace a Life of Poverty and Humility living among the poor of this World, in Imitation of Jesus and Mary, and by accepting any Suffering that comes to them, which is full of Joy and Pease when embraced for our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as an integral part of their lives as they advance in their Spiritual Life.  This is the School of our Lord Jesus and of His Blessed Mother Mary, The School of the Cross!


Religion vs Spirituality

      There are basically two types of Christians, those who Experience God’s Grace and Miracles in their lives, and those who don’t.  Most people go throughout their entire lives without really experiencing anything from God and because they don’t experience God’s Miracles and Grace in their lives, they cling more tenaciously to their Religious Practices, their particular Denominational Doctrines, Beliefs, and Rituals in order to feel close to God.  Thus, the fulfillment of these Religious Practices, are the only thing they have to convince themselves that they will make it into Heaven.  These Christians are basically on a mediocre path.

      But those who advance in the Spiritual Life and do experience God’s Grace and Miracles in their lives will at some point find themselves receiving that Inner Peace and Joy that only comes from God.  They may also find themselves at times in Contemplation or in a state of Ecstasy, and when they do, they will soon learn that it is up to God to decide when to visit you with His Grace and when to withdraw it, and when he does withdraw it, you might find yourself going through a Trial, a Tribulation, or in a Desolation of Spirit.  You see, the more you practice a Spirituality, that is, the more you experience God’s Grace and Miracles, the less you are concerned with Religious Practices, and the more Denominational Barriers tend to vaporize and disappear, for when you do occasionally experience God’s Grace and Miracles in your life, Nothing Else Matters.


      Therefore, in the School of the Cross Seminary, it is our goal that Seminarians will Develop and Grow into a Deep Interior Spiritual Life, which will bring them to the point where they will Consecrate their lives to God and possibly the Blessed Virgin Mary too, “Abandoning their will to the Divine Will in all areas of their Life”, and once they come to this point, they will most likely, begin to experience God's Grace and Miracles in their Lives.  This is where the School of the Cross Desires to take them.


An Interior Life of Mental Prayer

      The very foundation of all Apostolic Work, our Ministry, must be an Interior Life of Mental Prayer.  The Apostle of Christ will grow to become an Instrument and True Channel of God’s Graces to the World only through Prayer, Meditation and the Cultivation of the Interior Life.  For in the Active Life, where one is involved in the Spiritual Works or Corporal Works of Mercy, Christ's work can only be truly Efficacious when the Apostle anchors his Interior Life Deeply in Christ.  For, without Christ, we can do Nothing!


Grounding In The TRUTH

      Our Seminarians will immerse themselves in the Teachings of the Early Church Fathers, early Patriarchs and Popes, Doctors of the Church, and Canonized Saints of the Roman Catholic Church.  They will study the teachings of the World's Top Exorcists.  They will Pray, Fast, and Mortify their bodies more and more as they advance in their Spiritual Lives, their Life in God, for they will be striving to become Dead to the World, and Alive and on Fire for God.


      And why are the Canonized Saints teachings so important?  Because of the Miracles attributed to these Saints, which the Church confirmed in their Canonization Process.  Why?  When Jesus was talking to the Pharisees, He said, “If you do not believe my Words, then at least believe the Works that my Father sent me here to do”.  These works are the Miracles that Jesus performed in their presence.  Miracles Testify to the TRUTH!  So, to go after the Truth, you study the teachings of what these Canonized Saints believed and you try to obtain an understanding of their minds, to understand and believe what they believed.

      Thus, most of what this Seminary will teach you, comes from Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Early Popes, Early Church Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Teachings of the Canonized Saints of the Church.  For this is where the TRUTH Lies!

      Our Seminarians will not study Theology as many modern Seminaries do, but like St Anthony of Padua, a Doctor of the Church, the Holy Bible will be one of their main Theology Books.  Please note that the understanding of Holy Scripture will not come through any Protestant Study Bibles and their Commentaries, but through Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Popes, Early Church Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, the Catechism of the Roman Church, The Holy Spirit and the Teachings of the Canonized Saints of the Church.  

Knowledge of Angels and Demons

      Our Seminarians will also gain an extensive knowledge of Angels and Demons from the Revelations of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Rome’s top Exorcists, and the Canonized Saints of the Church.  They will come to understand the history and mind of Satan/Lucifer and his cohort of Demons, and also of God’s Holy Angels.  And through these teachings, will come to understand the Power of Satan and the Power of God, really well.




      Once a Seminarian has completed his basic Course of Study, in preparation for the Priesthood, he will be awarded a Master of Sacred Theology Degree to satisfy the Worldly of this World.  Once a person is Ordained a Priest, his Prayer Life and his learning never stops.  Although many of us choose, from this point on, not to pursue other Master's and Doctoral Degrees, for the rest of our lives we are constantly learning and advancing in the ways of our Lord, and in reality, will have acquired the knowledge of many Academic Degrees by the time our Lord calls us home.  In other words, in order to crush our Pride and remain Humble Servants of our Lord, we will try hard to avoid the Honors of this World as much as we can and bury ourselves in Humility. 


This is the True Science of the School of the Cross!

Archbishop Mark Gregorczyk               

If you are interested in our Seminary Studies, please write us.  

With the Internet, we can train most anyone, anywhere in the World.

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