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The 28430 Christ Church


How Should We Work Towards the Reconciliation of All Christians?

We should start with the “Statement of Faith” to read:

  • We are CHRISTIANS, Imitators and Followers of Jesus Christ.


Let us stop there.  The more we define our Faith, the more we exclude our Christian Brothers and Sisters of having any part of our Ministry and Faith.  Maybe that is what some of us want though.  We seem to love Judging and Condemning our Fellow Christians.  Is that what Christ really wants us to do?

What would the Statement of Faith be for the Early Church, the First Christian Community after the Crucifixion of Christ?  Did they side with any one of the Early Church Denominations and Rites, like the Sadducees, the Pharisees, or the Essenians?  Did Jesus tell them which of these they should be a part of and follow?  No, Jesus did not!  Jesus taught one thing, how to be His Disciple and to Love One Another.

Did St Francis apply any Statement of Faith Rules for accepting people who wanted to join his Religious Order.  No, if you wanted to join him, he would just tell you “Welcome Brother, You Are One Of Us Now”.  How did Francis and his followers live?  What Statement of Faith did they follow; “The Gospel”.

God left us “Followers of Christ”, The Gospel, The Bible, Holy Scripture, to lead us on our path in this life, our Pilgrimage to God.  And even though Christians all over the world have come up with many Interpretations of it, Separating themselves into Denominations and Rites, forming their own Doctrine and Rules for their followers to live by, we are all still Christians, Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  

Jesus has over 2,000 Protestant Denominations, Eastern Orthodox 

and Catholic Rites in the World.  So, here is a Question?  What Person

is the most open, to what other Christians Believe, in the entire World?

There is only one Answer:  JESUS CHRIST!

Or do you Believe that God would condemn every Christian 

Denomination and Rite that does not Believe the way you do?

We want to be a part of Jesus’s Church, but then we continually Condemn in our own Heart, some of what our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Believe.  

Is there anyone on Earth who does not Condemn other Christians, 

and does not Sin?

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28430 Christ Church

Our Statement of Faith:

  • We are CHRISTIANS, Imitators and Followers of Jesus Christ.


How Should We Live Out Our Faith:

  • We will strive to be JESUS PEOPLE who will Love the Lord our God with all our Hearts, all our Minds, all our Strength, and we will Love Our Neighbor as we do our Very Own Selves!  (This is the Opposite of Being Selfish)    And, through Humility, we will strive to Put God First, Everyone Else Second, and Ourselves Last in EVERYTHING!

  • We will not Condemn or Criticize the Doctrines or Beliefs of any Christian Denomination, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Rite.

  • Just as God had confounded the People’s Speech at the Tower of Babel, making hundreds of languages in the World, so does God desire that there be thousands of Christian Protestant Denominations, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Rites in the World, each with their own understanding of the Truth as God has Ordained.  All of these Christians are our own Brothers and Sisters, and we Pray for and Embrace all of them.  And if we ever happen to visit their Churches, we will Worship with them as they Worship.

  • Like the “TAIZE” Movement, We seek to be Reconciled with all our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  Therefore, when in their company, we will help all whom we meet to be Faithful to their own Denominational or Rite’s Ties.  We will also refrain from any Word or Act that could slow down our Reconciliation with them.  Remember what Mother Teresa would say to the Muslims and Hindus; if you are going to be a Muslim, be a good Muslim.  If you are going to be a Hindu, be a good Hindu.

  • We will not support Proselytizing.  Because God gave each of these Protestant Denominations, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Rites their own Doctrines, Beliefs, Way of Life, and Understanding of Holy Scripture.  God has even Called and Ordained Specific Pastors and Priests to carry on their Ministries, so we will not try to convert any of them to our own.  If God wants them to join us, He will send them to us.  Instead, we will do like Jesus and go after the Lost Souls that are headed for Hell and do not know the True and Living God.

As Mother Teresa once said:

“It is so simple, if God wants something to happen, it will.  

If not, it won’t”!

But then, I myself have Very Strict Defining Beliefs in my own life, such as:

  • I am very Roman Catholic in my Beliefs, even leaning to the more Conservative Pre-Vatican II side of Theology.

  • I have been called to Celebrate the 28430 Ancient Roman Rite Mass in the Vernacular, Daily.  To help save souls, the Celebration of Mass is the most important thing I do every day.

  • I Believe in a Charismatic Church and Miracles happening in Christian’s Lives every Day around the World.  

  • I have Consecrated my life, making myself a Slave of Jesus and Mary in the manner suggested by Saint Louis de Montfort.

  • I have made a Deeper Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, becoming one of Her Priest Sons, for the rest of my life, through the Marian Movement of Priests.

  • At every Mass I Celebrate; God is constrained to come down upon the Altar.  Then, He changes the Bread and Wine into His Flesh and Blood for me to hold in my Hands, and then to Consume.

  • I do not support a Homosexual Priesthood or Same Sex Marriages, for it seems to me that God has made it clear in Holy Scripture that those who do these things will not make it into the Kingdom of God. 

  • If we ever found that we have a Priest or Minister that is sexually abusing women or children, we should see that he is physically Castrated, making him a Eunuch for the Kingdom of God.  He should then be able to Confess his Sins, do Penance, and still be a Priest or Minister Pleasing to God.  This is not a punishment, though, it is a Loving Act to help him save his soul from Hell.  After all, Jesus told us that if we had a part of our body that was causing us to sin, we should cut it off and get rid of it.  If this is not an option, he should be removed from Ministry and/or be Civilly Prosecuted and Imprisoned, for if we allow him to continue, WE will be held responsible for “his” Sins before God.  It is up to us Fellow Christians to prevent him from hurting others. (Fighting for Justice and Equity in God’s Sight)

  • Although God has not allowed me to remain under the Care of the Pope, as one of Mary’s Priest Sons, I have Vowed to Pray for Him in every Mass, and would defend him with my Very Life if given the Opportunity. 

  • Even though God and the Blessed Virgin Mary have revealed to me, far more of “The Truth” than I ever deserve to understand in this life, I can still work towards the Reconciliation of all Christians, across all God’s Denominations and Rites, even while retaining within my own Heart, my own Strict Defining Beliefs.


In fact, all Christians may have some Strict Defining Beliefs in their own lives with a particular Denomination, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Rite.  That is OK though.  Each person can still work towards the Reconciliation of all Christians, across all God’s Denominations and Rites, even while retaining within their own Heart, their own Strict Defining Beliefs.  We do not need to be continually fighting with and condemning each other.

In other words, everyone should be able to affirm Christ Church’s Statement of Belief that “We are Christians”.  And all will Strive to live according to our “How we will live our Faith”.  And then, each of our Christian Priests and Pastors that come to join Christ Church, will still retain their current Doctrine, Beliefs, and Practices the same as before.

Christ Church would then be an Umbrella Church, whereby any Christian Denomination, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Rite could join us in working towards the Reconciliation of all Christians, all the while retaining their Church and Ministry’s Doctrines, Beliefs and Practices.  And any who are Apostolic, we could assist with Priestly Ordinations and Episcopal Consecrations. 

You see, there is a way to keep our own Strict Religious Practices and Beliefs, and still Love and Embrace all Christians.  We do not have to continually condemn them for what they Believe, just because we Believe differently.  This is the type of Church and Christian Life I am envisioning. 

We need to be



Jesus People

by Danny Gokey



If you would like to be a part of The 28430 Christ Church,

Please contact me:

Jesus People List

We desire to be listed as Jesus People who embrace the Reconciliation of all Christians through our affiliation with The 28430 Christ Church.  

Individuals, as well as Ministries and Churches may join.  There is no cost.  You may list your Church Ministry Website and Contact Info as well.

Mark Gregorczyk, Archbishop Primate of Christ Charismatic Church Worldwide, and the School of the Cross Seminary.


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