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An Independent Catholic Rite

World Wide

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Our Story


Roman Catholics,

Christ’s Catholic Church is an Independent Catholic Church and is not a part of the Roman Catholic Church.  However, we are of the Roman Catholic Faith.  We have been called upon by God, to Minister to those in areas where there has been an Extreme Shortage of Priests, especially in Rural Areas.  We also strive to Serve those who have been abused by the Clergy and have left the Roman Catholic Church.

Since we are not subject to the Pope, our Priests can Marry if they desire.  We can also utilize former Roman Catholic Priests that have left the Church for a Non-Celibate Life.  And, we are also looking for Men who feel called by God to become Priests, so that we can Train them in our Seminary.  This can be done from wherever they are living and working in this world.


I should also mention that we are a Poor Church, and as such, our Priests will still need to work in this world to support themselves and their families.  The Cost of our Seminary is Free. The only requirement is that you have knowledge of the English Language, and a Cell Phone or Computer to read PDFs and communicate through email, and be able to obtain access to a Computer occasionally to write Reports.

I Pray that God will move Hearts and Open Doors, so we will hear from anyone who needs a local Church and who might want to help us make it happen, and also from anyone who might feel Called by God to become a Priest, Single or Married.  I look forward to hearing from you.  May God Richly Bless You All.

Archbishop Mark Gregorczyk

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