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My Vision

Prior to 2010, I came up with a Mission and Vision for my Ministry in Zambia, Africa.  

But as we have heard the saying, Man Proposes and God Disposes, we are not always allowed to do what we want to do.  God sometimes, has other plans for us.  Whether I ever get to do it or not remains to be seen, but even if I don't, it is still My Vision and the Desire of my Heart.


Mission:  To Care for Orphans and Widows in their Distress, especially those with HIV/AIDS.

For this Mission, I created an organization called: AIDS Orphan Ministries "AIDSOM" which I destined to be a Church Ministry, who's main focus is to try and improve the lives of millions of Orphans, many of which have contracted the HIV Virus and AIDS, and 90% of which live in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Widows who day to day, struggle to survive, especially those who also care for Orphans.  

Father Mark's Mission is to assist Orphans, Widows, and other Vulnerable Children in Africa, so as to alleviate their suffering and improve the quality of their lives.  Here, we will help build Orphanages, no fancier than any other homes in the village, to house the Orphans, and we will use Volunteer Widow Caregivers to care for the Orphans.  Through farming projects, we will strive to become as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible, so we can support as many Orphans and Widows as possible.  We do not want to raise the standard of living of the Orphans and Widows any higher than the other families and children that live in the village.   We want to shadow in our Orphanage Houses, Village life as much as possible.   Our Orphans will attend Public School with the other Village children as well.  We will strive to become family to each other, and model African Village Life.  And as Church Communities, we will also work towards completing Projects that help our Widows and Orphan-headed households, to improve the quality of their lives and become as self sufficient as possible.   

Please join us today, as we work to help the Poor, our Brothers and Sisters!

“Pure and undefiled religion is to care for Orphans and Widows in their distress," James 1:27


Village of Faith Orphanage – Father Mark’s Vision:

   Father Mark's Vision is to one day, go back to Africa and build an Orphanage, Church, School, and Hospital in one rural location for 500 children who have the HIV virus and Aids, who have lost both their parents, and who have been abandoned by their extended family members.  

















































This first “Village of Faith Orphanage” will be operated by local Widows and Volunteers from around the world, who not only have lots of Love to give these children, but also the desire to instill a strong Religious Faith into the lives of these Orphans, who not only struggle from Poverty, but also have debilitating Illnesses, which slowly destroys their bodies.  Unless we can provide or find donors for the anti-retroviral Medicines that will make a huge difference in their lives, most of these Orphans will die before they leave the Orphanage.  We will build the Orphanage in memory of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who built a “City of Faith” for the poorest of the poor in India, and spent her life caring for the poor and those dying in the streets.

We will name our Church in this village, the “Basilica of St Damien of Molokai”.  This Church will help draw the Orphans, the Staff, the City, the Country, and People from all over the world, into Prayerful solidarity and a very close relationship with God.  We are at war with Satan, for he wants us in Hell.  Our earthly battle is also a Spiritual one, so we must fight against the enemies of darkness with all our Prayers, closely united to all our Brothers and Sisters on this earth.  St. Damien was a priest who went to Molokai in Hawaii and spent the rest of his life caring for the Lepers that were sent there.

The more Problems, Pain, and Suffering that we have to deal with in this life, the more we need a Strong Religious Education and a very close relationship with God.  The "School of the Cross", will not only teach these Orphans Math, Language Arts, Science, and Home Economics, but also the Doctrine of the Cross and the way of reaching True Peace in this life, for this is the Truth that was taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  If this doctrine were not most valuable and secure, They would not have taught it by word and example.  This is the light, which shines in the darkness (John 1, 7), loved by the elect and abhorred by the reprobate.  These Orphans will learn to Pray not only for themselves, but also for all Christians around the world.

Since most of Africa has close to an 80% unemployment rate, and since there are plenty of unskilled laborers, skilled laborers, and workers with College Degrees, but few jobs in Africa, many people are forced to become subsistence farmers, at least those who live in rural villages and have the land to farm.  Because of this situation, I do not see the feasibility of highly educating these Orphans, when there are few jobs, so I think we should focus on giving them a good High School Education, as well as training them to become subsistence farmers, so that they can more easily integrate back into Village life once they leave the Orphanage.  This would include growing different crops, fertilizing, sanitation techniques, raising different animals, sewing, possibly fish farming, building village houses, etc.  I envision our Orphanage using composting toilets (urine diverting toilets), from which we will collect and use the urine, which is full of Nitrogen, as Fertilizer, and the feces will be composted and later used as fertilizer as well.  When you separate the two and keep water out, you also eliminate most of the smell, and greatly increase sanitation.

  Our Village Hospital will be built in memory of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina in Italy, who built a Hospital during World War II to care for the sick and wounded, who came home from that war.  We are in a war against HIV/AIDS, an epidemic that is devastating millions.  I Pray that doctors and nurses from all over the world will come to volunteer their time, even if only a week or two out of the year, to care for these AIDS Orphans, and will even go out from this Hospital into the slums of the cities and the African Bush to care for many more, who have been abandoned and are suffering from this terrible and deadly debilitating disease.

This Village of Faith will have a wall built around it, with each side being about 300 yards in length.  There will be 12 gates, three on each side, with an Angel above each one, and the name of an Apostle on each gate.  The wall will contain 12 courses of brick, each representing a different virtue in life of Most Holy Mary, the Mother of God, a type of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Mystical City of God.

My Prayer is that this “Village of Faith” complex will draw us all into solidarity, and will draw the attention, Prayers, and Support of thousands from all over the world.  These supporters will partner with us as we Care for the Orphans and Widows, our brothers and sisters, the poor, the sick, and the dying.

Father Mark Gregorczyk


Achitetezo Malo Village:  Fr Mark also has a vision, to one day, start  "Achitetezo Malo”, a model African Village of Faith and Peace, a place of refuge for hundreds of rural orphans and other displaced adults, who come to us for help, and are willing to live and work together with us as one big family.  Here we will engage in subsistence farming, and in this Village, we will provide, not only food and shelter, but also Love, Support, and Hope. 

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