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28430 Ancient Roman Rite Liturgy

Although I am willing to embrace the Third Edition of the Roman Missal or the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the Liturgy that God has directed me to use during this period in my life, is the "28430 Ancient Roman Rite Liturgy".  This order of Mass is a very close translation into the Vernacular, that is, Modern English for the United States, of the Ancient Roman Rite, Pre-Vatican II Latin Mass, taken from the Missals of 1806, 1812, 1888, 1902, and 1962.  It has been altered slightly to allow a greater participation of the people, as Vatican II had done, but leaving most of the Prayers intact.  

28430 Ancient Roman Rite Liturgy 

28430  ARR Pew Card  w/CP LTR

28430  ARR Pew Card  w/AC LTR

28430  ARR Calendar for 2022-2026

If you really want to understand the Sacrifice of the Mass, Read this book:  ISBN 978-1453717004

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